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In 1987 I was in a horrible car accident… three years later, I was still in pain, physically and mentally, A friend suggested massage therapy, and WOW! The amount of relief I received with my first massage changed my life forever.  I discovered that a caring, experienced touch, allowed me to relax, and once I relaxed, to my surprise, my muscles just let go.

Since 1990 Massage and the healing arts have been my primary focus .Over the years I have touched 1000’s of people and their lives using massage and Reiki. I have treated them with love in my heart, and the desire to create peace and wholeness in their bodies and in their lives.

I am committed to continuing my education in all areas of hands on healing. Along with Swedish, Deep tissue and other traditional western massage, I also incorporate eastern healing methods.

The Universe is comprised of energy. Our bodies are designed to absorb this energy and use it to fuel the body’s normal functions and to facilitate in the healing process.

In 2000 I was introduced to Reiki and in 2001 I had the privilege to travel to Japan where I was attuned with Reiki in the original Japanese style by Chjyoko Yamaguchi. Mrs.Yamaguchi was attuned at the age of 17 by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi one of the original Reiki masters attuned by Dr. Mikao Usui the founder of the Reiki system of natural healing, The Reiki healing we use today.

The Reiki attunements make it possible for me to harness this energy and aid you in your healing process. This gives a dimension to my massage which is individual to you and works on all levels of healing, body, mind, and spirit.

Your experience in a session with me is the most important part of my job. As an intuitive body worker, I promise to be completely present during your session and guarantee that you will leave feeling like you got all your needs met. My services are conducted in a relaxed, yet professional environment always with concern for your comfort and personal boundaries.

I want you to be as changed by your massage experience as I was by mine.

Deby Sosner
Deby Sosner
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