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All massage is personalized and may include any one, or all of the following techniques; Reiki energy healing, deep tissue, circulation massage, Medi Cupping Massage, and lymphatic drainage.   Scroll down for pricing.

Massage Therapy:

1 hour Massage therapy session $130
1½ massage therapy session $150
2 hour massage therapy session $195
½ hour massage session $75
Pkg. 5 x 60 minute massages $550
Pkg. 10 x 60 minute massages $1050
Pkg. 5 x 90 min $700
Pkg. 10 x 90 min $1355

Medi Cupping Packages

Pkg of  1 – 60 min session $120
Pkg of  3 – 60 min session $330
Pkg of  10 – 60 min session $1050
Pkg of  1- 90 min session $150
Pkg of  3 – 90 min sessions $420
Pkg of 10- 90 min sessions $1350

Spa Treatments

Aromatherapy Body Polish: Feel smooth as silk after an Aromatherapy Body Polish.

1. A special blend of essential oils; lavender, juniper berries, sage, and valerian root are applied along the neck and spine to soothe and calm.

2. The massage begins with an oil blend of orange, cinnamon and Cypress to stimulate the lymph and soften the skin.

3. An abrasive peel to exfoliate dead skin is followed by herbal toner to complete the cleansing process.

4. Ready to tone the skin with a blend of toning oils, including peppermint

5. Finishing with a hydrating mineral mask to nourish and moisturize your whole body.

6. Massage included with this treatment. Great gift!

1½ hour treatments: $175.00


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Deby Sosner
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